Our Mission

Impact Team Sports, as a non-profit organization, strives to provide quality, affordable team athletics for young athletes to build responsibility, accountability, and character through passionate instruction and leadership from professional caliber coaches. Athletes will be mentored to reach their full potential with a focus on the betterment of the local sports community. Impact Team Sports aspires to athletically and socially prepare our athletes for future high school and collegiate endeavors while being a productive member of society.

About Us

Founded in 2013, Impact Team Sports strives to be the pre-eminent youth and high school sports organization in Northeast Ohio both on the field and in the local community. Impact is a non-profit organization and we are filing for tax exemption status for the 2014 year. Our experienced staff has put together an organization where we believe our athletes can be successful in all walks of life. All of our athletes are expected to be leaders in the local community by being actively involved in various volunteering endeavors.

We currently offer summer and fall baseball teams through our Longhorns and Team Impact programs. Our teams receive extensive training from our professional coaching staff, and our coaches are driven by the goal of preparing our athletes for future experiences, including college life as an athlete and student. We would also like to add other team sports to our organization as we look to expand our operations and reach as many young athletes as we can while “Impacting the lives of others through sports.”

Our Staff

Happy Birthday to 15u Longhorns head coach, Brent Edmonds. Thank you for all that you do for our athletes. Have a g…
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